Loose Ends Hockey Association
February 8, 2013 at Ted Reeve Arena
All teams other than Canucks and Leafs had representatives present.
Meeting Notes from League President Jason Dale.

1. Banquet
Night of final game, wings and beer at Melange,
we are going to piggy back off of Balmy Beach and have beer served in the cafeteria during the final game and shootout.
There will be a drink limit.
2. Awards
We are reverting back to the past and instead of shirts/hats, we are going to pay regular season champs $150, and playoff champs 150.
Individual awards will be in the form of Gift Cards. Mark and I to look at Financials to accommodate this.
3. Golf Tourney
Sunday May 26th.
We really need a stronger attendance this year to keep this going.
Mark Stoeckle will provide more details in the coming weeks
4. Shootout
After Final game, Brad is in charge, we need some volunteers to assist and we will run 2 goalies at same time to speed it up.
5. Draft Skate
April 12 after the semi finals
6. Deposit Cheques are due by end of the round robin
7. I also discussed that all Executive and Captains positions are open for volunteers.
I also asked Captains to remind members of "what are league is about" Promoting fun, competitive, hockey for all who want to play.
I discussed the fact that 10% of our league is over 15 minutes in penalties, and 8% is over 10 minutes.
Rules Committee Chair Colin answered with the fact that we imposed automatic misconducts which have dramatically increased penalty minutes.
Mike Mallais suggested rewarding the team with lowest penalty minutes at the end of each season (something we need to review in the summer and budget for).
8. There were two votes, one for Hawks Goalie, and one for Hogs new player.
Both votes went in favour of players to continue throughout the playoffs.
9. Open discussion
It was asked that we review our rule of 5 game minimum and proposed a vote on eligibility for each team bringing in replacement players.
It was discussed that even though all teams are not equally competitive that all dressing rooms are positive and happy and everyone understands that it takes time to gain parity within the league and this it what the draft is all about.
It was brought up that Captains should be instructing their respective teams not to be running up the score for points during regular season when it is clear that one team is dominating the other.

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