Loose Ends Hockey Association
(Rules Committee)
December 14, 2012 at Ted Reeve Arena

1. Meeting began at 7:00 chaired by Rules Committee Chairperson Colin MacLean with Bruins, Canucks, Dark Knights, Ice Hogs and Titans representatives and League Secretary Marc St.Rose present. The Hawks captain joined the meeting in progress and Vice President Steve Cross participated in the discussions.
2. There was consensus that strictly adhering to the GTHL minimum suspension list is not appropriate for our league.
The captains present agreed that the Rules Committee Chair should draft a minimum suspension list to be followed in the event of future need and the intent or lack of intent on the part of an offending player should have primary importance in determining the length of a suspension.
The consensus was that the GTHL minimum suspension list is more appropriate as a supplement and a guideline.
3. The captains suggest that all players and referees be reminded of the following points:
  • The rulebooks allow for a game misconduct to be assessed in addition to a minor penalty. A major penalty is not required for a game misconduct to be handed out.
  • A 10 minute misconduct is an alternative when tempers require cooling.
  • There is a great deal of concern about the increasing number of stick infractions -- slashing, cross-checking, etc.. The captains would like to see stricter reinforcement of these rules.
  • There is a need for our officials to be less tolerant of verbal abuse from players and there is no need for a referee to issue a warning prior to assessing a penalty.
  • Every attempt should be made to be consistent about calling icings.
4. The captains and league executives were reminded that while only referees may properly assess penalties, it is important that any noteworthy incidents observed by team captains or members of the league executive be recorded on the back of the game sheets.
All incidents recorded on the game sheets are brought to the attention of the Rules Committee Chair and form part of the record even if they may not merit immediate action.
Any time an intent to injure or exceptionally unsafe play is observed, it is the responsibility of the team captain and league executive member to make certain it is recorded.
5. Along with the new minimum suspension list, the Rules Committee Chairperson will present the updates to Rules 16 and 17 (plus the additional time-out proposal) from his email of October 3, 2012 for acceptance and inclusion in the posted league rules.

I have reviewed the minimum suspension list (attached) and am recommending the following where a major + misconduct is assessed for physical/non verbal actions:

Where it has been determined there was no intent to injure, the suspension be reduced by one game in each instance.
This effectively leaves the list as is but gives flexibility when it is obvious that there was no malice intended on behalf of the offender.

I will reinforce to the refs that they have an obligation to know and understand the rules and must be accountable for justifying their calls on the ice. I will also do my best to ensure they pay closer attention to flagrant fouls such as slashing, crosschecking and "running" goalies.

As there were no objections to the previous rule amendments submitted back in October, I am asking Marc to move forward with adding them to our league rules:

Rule 16 - The team roster size is to be set at 15 players. The roster size must be submitted before the draft and signed by the team captain. This will bind the team to maintaining that same roster level for the full season.
Suggested Amendment to Rule 16 -
At the start of each season, the team roster must consist of a minimum of 15 players. At the discretion of the team, the roster may consist of sixteen players providing notice is given at the draft meeting prior to the start of each season. All players on the roster must pay their respective league fees in full.

Rule 17 - At the start of each season, replacement players are to be recruited in the following manner:
a) any player currently on the leave of absence list must be given first refusal to play;
b) any remaining openings must be filled by the waiting list according to the ratings (within reason) by one point either way of the player lost
Suggested Amendment to Rule 17 -
A person may be added to the wait list at any time by any means of communication to the "League", providing they are 30 years of age and have not been previously disqualified from playing in the league. The "League" reserves the right to refuse placement of wait list players upon reviewing eligibility. The order of consideration for the placement of wait list players is as follows:
a) any player currently on the leave of absence list must be given first right of refusal;
b) all remaining players will be placed according to the ratings within reason.
c) all player recruitment must be supported by the "League".

Suggested New Rule -
Each team will be alloted one time out (60 seconds in duration) to be used at at their discretion.

The rule amendments above were incorporated into the Loose Ends Hockey rules December 22, 2012.

This page was last updated 22 December 2012.