Loose Ends Hockey Association
December 3, 2010 Meeting

The meeting was called to consider extraordinary events following the November 26 game between the Hawks and the Dark Knights. All teams except for the Bruins and Habs were represented. At the direction of the Rules Committee chairman, the meeting was chaired by the league secretary, and after telling the committee what happened, the representatives of the Hawks and the Dark Knights left the room and left the four remaining committee members to prepare a decision.
1. The Rules Committee has considered the referees recommendation that Willie Chan receive a three game suspension for misconduct at the end of the Hawks vs. Dark Knights game November 26.
2. After reviewing the reports, the Rules Committee unanimously agreed that conduct which prompted the referee to assess a 10 minute misconduct penalty at the end of the game should result in a suspension.
3. Accordingly, Willie Chan has been suspended for one game.
4. The suspension was served December 3.

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