Loose Ends Hockey Association
October 15, 2010

Items Discussed and Decisions

1. DECISION: To be eligible to play, a player's fees must be received by game time on Friday, October 22nd.
After that, players who have not paid in full are ineligible and their team may forfeit the game unless prior arrangement has been made with the League.
2. Finding additional referees for our 9:00 games is a priority.
Hopefully a solution will be in place from October 15 going forward.
3. Player rosters were discussed. Two players have been assigned new teams which leaves all eight teams with a full roster.
The question of whether reasonable parity has been maintained will be discussed at the next meeting.
The team captains will prepare ratings of players who are not on their own team and these ratings will be compared.
4. League members may suggest alternatives to the existing tentative playoff schedule.
The playoff format and schedule will be decided at the next meeting.
5. For informational purposes, a league budget update was provided.
Because not all budget items can be confirmed at this time,
Costs: This Year Last Year
Insurance 1,170.04 1,000.00
Golf Tournament 300.00 300.00
Referees & Timekeepers 8,325.00 6,525.00
Ice Rental 34,736.20 23,294.25
Banquet 2,390.00 2,500.00
Total Costs 46,921.24 33,619.25
Fee per player 420.00 395.00
Total Revenue (8 teams of 15 players) 50,400.00 35,550.00
6. The next league meeting will be held Friday December 10.

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