Loose Ends Hockey Association
September 15, 2010

Changes to Rules for 2010-2011 season
These have been added to the copy of the Rules found elsewhere on this site

1. New players can only be added to a roster with no less than five (5) games remaining in the regular season schedule.
2. Goalie substitutes are made with consideration first to the league goalies playing that night, then the wait list goalies. No exceptions and no bypassing due to calibre.
3. We are removing elbow pads and skate guards from the list of mandatory equipment (as long as it does not contravene the insurance policy); also, if no cheater is present on a goalies mask, a neck guard is mandatory.
4. A "similar" sweater is permitted as long as it has a number and that number is different than any other on the roster.
5. It is at the leagues' discretion to reimburse a player who has participated in five (5) games or more.
6. If a player leaves before five (5) games into the season the fee is $25 per game.
7. Icings are from behind the blue line.
8. Two (2) stick infractions in a game result in a game ejection. (clarification pending).
9. Following a penalty that results in a man advantage, the faceoff will be in the offensive zone.

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