Loose Ends Hockey Association
Executive Meeting -- August 20, 2010

Decisions Made (5 items)

1. The following league budget will be made available to all players.
Fixed Costs: This Year Last Year
Insurance 1,000.00 1,000.00
Golf Tournament 300.00 300.00
Referees 5,220.00 5,220.00
Timekeepers 1,305.00 1,305.00
Ice Rental 26,052.15 23,294.25
Total Fixed Costs 33,877.15 31,119.25
Banquet 1,800.00 2,500.00
Reserve Fund 2,000.00 2,000.00
Total Variable Costs 3,800.00 4,500.00
Total Fixed plus Variable Costs 37,677.15 35,619.25
Fee per player 420.00 395.00
Total Revenue (6 teams of 15 players) 37,800.00 35,550.00

An effort will be made to find sponsors to help pay for end of year prize(s).
2. To be eligible to play, your player fees must be received by game time on Friday, October 8th.
Team captains are responsible for collecting the player fees.
3. As rules committee chairperson, Colin MacLean will develop a schedule for referees with the aim of having a rotation of 5-6 referees with standby.
4. The list of players who say they want to play in our league keeps getting bigger. We have been told we can rent Friday night ice time as well at the arena next door to Ted Reeve.

4.a -- Vice President Steve Cross will poll the players on the waiting list and others to determine whether sufficient numbers are prepared to pay and join at short notice.

4.b -- League Secretary Marc St.Rose will prepare an alternative schedule to allow for the expansion of our league from six teams to eight teams this season.

4.c -- President Jason Dale and Treasurer Mark Stoeckle will confirm the availability and terms of additional ice time for this season if numbers warrant.

5. There may be some questions relating to player movement that need discussion. These will be determined at a meeting with the captains (Executive + Rules Committee) before the start of the season. This meeting of the Executive + Rules Committee will consider league expansion if it has been determined that immediate league expansion is a reasonable option.

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