Loose Ends Hockey Association
League Meeting -- January 29, 2010

Topics Discussed (5 items)

1. The Ted Reeve arena board will meet Tuesday February 16, 2010 to hear presentations regarding requests for ice time next season. All players and friends are invited to attend to support our league's request to continue at Ted Reeve arena.
2. The constitution should read "adult aged 30 or over."
3. The playoff schedule was confirmed with a minor adjustment. Players are invited to play in the third hour of rented ice time after the semi-final games. Players on the waiting list will be invited to participate.
4. The end of season banquet. Tentative dates suggested were for a Friday evening shortly after the end of the playoffs.
5. The nature and desireability of a draft after this season was discussed. All team captains have been invited to e-mail the President with specific suggestions as to how a draft could be conducted and the President will prepare a summary of options so the players can express their preference.

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