Loose Ends Hockey Association
League Meeting -- October 23, 2009

Topics Discussed (5 items)

1. This meeting was originally scheduled for October 9 but by consensus was postponed until after the fifth week of the regular season had been played. The Treasurer and the Vice-President were unable to attend. Excepting the Leafs, all team captains were present.
2. In the absence of the Treasurer, the President gave a general summary of the League accounts.
3. In the absence of the Vice-President, the President summarized the league marketing ideas that have been circulated and encouraged all to provide feedback to improve them.
4. Colin MacLean was acclaimed Rules Committee Chairman and has agreed to see to this task after gathering the information necessary.
5. Everyone talked about the competitive balance between the teams in the league. Team captains agreed to encourage a fair distribution of talent throughout the league while respecting friendships and taking care to avoid penalizing anybody for being successful.

Decisions Made (1 item)

1. The next meeting will be scheduled on the initiative of the President after it becomes clearer whether the league needs to organize a draft in order to achieve a reasonable competitive balance for the 2010-2011 season.

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