Loose Ends Hockey Association
League Meeting -- August 21, 2009

Decisions Made (12 items)

1. The following league budget will be made available to all players.

Fixed Costs:
Insurance = $1,000
Golf Tournament = $300
Referees = $5,220
Timekeepers = $1,305
Ice Rental = $23,294.25
Total Fixed Costs = $31,119.25

Variable Costs:
Banquet = $2,500
Reserve Fund = $2,000
Total Variable Costs = $4,500

Total Fixed plus Variable Costs = $35,619.25

6 teams of 15 players per team @ $395 per player = $35,550.00
An effort will be made to find sponsors to help pay for end of year prize(s).

2. All player fees must be received by game time on Friday, October 2nd. Team captains will be responsible for collecting the player fees.
3. A $100 deposit must be received for each player before the first game on Friday, September 18.
4. Adjustments were made to team rosters, including:
-- from the Hogs to the Flyers: Shane Langille, Mike Mallais.
-- from the Flyers to the Hogs: Rick John.
-- from the Flames to the Hawks: Jim Henry.
-- returning player Jay Macdonell (sp?) will join the Flames.

5. Team captains will be provided with a list of their team rosters and will advise of any errors or omissions.
6. A proposed schedule has been agreed and is available on the internet. Printed copies will be provided to each team captain prior to the first game. There will be no games played on Good Friday.
7. Rules Committee Chairperson Mike Warcholak (not present) will be in charge of arranging the pool of referees. In addition to the past year's referees, team captains have volunteered to suggest other suitable referees to Mike.
8. League President Jay Dale will coordinate the selection of a primary timekeeper and a couple of alternates to share that duty.
9. A rotation will be added to the schedule so that two team captains are available to monitor each week's games. Team captains will designate alternate captains.
10. League Vice President Steve Cross will coordinate and encourage efforts to improve the promotion and marketing of our league.
11. League Secretary Marc St.Rose will maintain a list of the names, street address, postal code, (and where available telephone numbers and e-mail addresses) of league players.
12. The next meeting will be on Friday October 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Ted Reeve arena.

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