Loose Ends Hockey Association
League Meeting -- May 22, 2009

Decisions Made (4 items)

1. All bank deposits will be made by the Treasurer only.
2. The Treasurer will only deposit cheques (not cash).
3. Player fee deposits should be in already. Team captains will try and collect any ones not yet in as soon as possible.
4. The next meeting will be Friday July 24th at BMW Toronto Boardroom at 615pm.

Topics raised for discussion at the next meeting (12 items)

1. The date by which all player fees must be paid. October 1st was one suggestion.
2. Choosing a League Sponsor.
3. The status of the League's bank account and deciding how much should be kept as a "cushion."
4. Timekeeper(s). Who, how many people, and how much to pay them.
5. Referees. Who will the referees be and who will select and schedule them.
6. Prize money for the end of the year.
7. Amount of the player fees.
8. Size of the team rosters.
9. League constitution/job descriptions and responsibilities.
10. Schedule (of games).
11. Marketing of the League. Fun awards, community activities.
12. Player movement between teams and in to the League.

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